segunda-feira, 28 de maio de 2007


Music for the moment I'm in...

Unwind - Pink

I hide my pain like the rest of them
That's why I'm always laughing
I'm troubled, I'm brilliant and miserable too
That's why I am so funny
I swallow down all my fears
With a bottle made of silver
I've only been here for 27 (20 in my case) years
But already my life is over

And I need to unwind, yes and I
Need to unwind, yes and I
Want all the time
To be loved, to unwind

My life is like a fairytale that nobody believes in
I can't remember anything
Not the people, not the places that I've been
'Just one more day, you can make it, babe'
That's what I tell myself
And everything that I love in life
It's killing me cause it's bad for my health

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